Santa Cruz Hospital

Because of the undertow, and of the night badly slept that phrase it entered as a needle in its ears and it answered: – Please lady, this is hour to pass badly, is delayed, wants to make the favor to park right, you is delaying me more! it repeated: He takes – Me ….. Many writers such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. and he fainted the things Now really were bad, could not be worse, for as it desired not to be there, and badly it wise person who this desire if would extend for hours. He entered in the car he pushed you for the bank to the side, was there, per some seconds thinking for he would take where it, after all he did not know no hospital for close, but exactly thus he went off with the car. fainted Mrs., deceased, in one instant opened eyes it whispered: He takes – Me for the Santa Cruz Hospital and if I to die, inform the Mrcia Suspirou, closed the eyes and came back to faint In this hour it cried out: – PELAMORDEDEUS, DOES NOT DIE NOT! Not here, it waits a little! I know who there I am the Marcia thought because it was there, about that place in that hour. It placed the hand in the pocket when one remembered the wallet. It cried out desesperadamente: – MY GOD! The wallet, was in house, forgot in the haste! It could not continue, with an old deceased in an car that was not its and still without wallet of qualification and documents, then changed the route of the hospital for its apartment. When arriving in front of the building, it locked the car and it went up running. When at last, it went down with the wallet in the pocket, had an agglomeration of people in return of the car looking at for velhinha pale, with the purple lips, the face supported in the glass that drained its saliva.