Saw Wood Technology

The structure of the wood cross-section of completing first consider the structure of the tree to cut. Unhewn tree has bark – it is not in use, in any case it must be removed (although sometimes it is from the bark do wonderful crafts and jewelry, but as a material for cabinetmakers and woodworkers, it certainly will not do). Beneath the crust is a zone of tree growth, which almost no discernible without the use of special optical instruments. Under the crust is a thin layer of greenish – cambium. For the cambium is wood with growth rings – it is we actually are interested. The wood is often called the sapwood.

In the center of each log is a kernel which is the color may be similar to that of sapwood, or may be somewhat darker. Depending on that divide sapwood wood (evli kernel does not have a distinct structure) and heartwood, in which the nucleus is well discernible. Sapwood species: birch, hornbeam, alder, maple, hornbeam. Heartwood species are all conifers (pine, cedar, spruce, yew, larch) and some hardwoods such as oak, ash, poplar. 'In addition to microstructure of wood, to which the density of the wood cells by way of a specific piece of wood affects the macrostructure represented annual rings and heart-shaped vessels. How do I sawed wood? The choice of method (scheme) cutting – a crucial moment on the path to profit maximization and optimal use of each log.

Raspilovschik just have to know the full range of potentially relevant products to get the maximum yield after cutting and minimize waste. In fact, must take into account the structure of the wood inside the log. But how can this be done? Do not worry, understanding comes with experience:)) When bucking to get logs that were cut and stored properly. According to the standard ready-made timber should not have impressive bulges, bends, irregularities. The ends of logs not should be dry. It is important to know: the way the trees were cut down, selected on the length and pre-sorted, affects the lumber produced. Cut a circle in progress propyl, then tree turns over a new face, sawn and turned again, up until then, until you have at least 5 revolutions. This is the best way to log the middle and high-quality, but perform similar coup logs quite heavily, and performance will be low. Odnka, there is specialized equipment designed to solve this problem simply sawing (or cutting through) The log is cut up until then, until you reach its heart, and then turned around 180% and dopilivaetsya. This is the fastest method of cutting, and yet it means that every piece of lumber should be cut on the sides. Moreover, the resulting product obtained is wider and heavier, lower quality and this gives a lot of waste.