Schneider Company

Business leaders and management levels behind the scenes it bangs huge power games. Talked about not being about it. Scandals and Affairs cause negative PR and damage the reputation of the company. Pressure, unfair attacks and attacks from within their own ranks are almost de rigueur a merciless elbow society. Vain, hardened and really assertive manager suddenly become the plaything of a network of lies and intrigue. Infighting in the management and company bosses whose Wahrheit rarely comes to light. Intrigues emerge mostly from the cover. Adroll can provide more clarity in the matter.

The attackers move all legal and illegal register in harming maximum as quickly and effectively as the other. Knowledge of questionable operations and business processes, and misdeeds of others are collected and accurate depending on the intended use to the enemy. Rumors, slander, defamation or the slide of scandals and affairs are common practices in force each yet so reliable Manager in the knee well dose form. Dangerous combination according to recent reports in this country each year around 50 billion euro damage arise only because of economic crime and espionage. The knowledge and ceilings of such crime offers an immense attack surface, especially for managers and executives, to be threatened and blackmailed. Insider knowledge is the best weapon in the fight for positions of power.

“Here it is irrelevant which, often illegal, manner the useful information obtained, whether they correspond to the truth or even freely invented according to the motto: use whatever you can get”. Knowledge knows no bounds nor before the privacy managers. Therefore often not only the training, but also the private environment of victims is at risk and usually even preferred, such scenarios because family and friends each have a sore point and ideal attack surface. Karin Schneider, the Frankfurt specialty company for discrete press Pecherin international problem-solving ManagerSOS it puts in a nutshell: morality and decency exist in the economy often only on paper. “The public learns only what must learn and of which so little as possible.”