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By the way, the elephants in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa have learned to get clean water even from polluted water. Read about it on Global sea levels rising faster than previously predicted Professor at the University of Colorado Konrad Steffen, who has over 35 years has been studying the Arctic ice, said that sea level rise by 2100 by about 1 meter. Thus, due to global climate change, especially fast-moving in the polar regions, and because of melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, the level of world Ocean rises faster than previously predicted. These effects of rapid rise in global sea level will be critical for the millions of people on the planet due to the fact that more than half a billion people living in areas, which in future could be flooded. Shells of marine microorganisms are thinning due to global increase in the acidity of seas and oceans because of the global increase in the acidity of sea water sinks marine organisms that inhabit the surface waters of the ocean, no longer able to build their shells to the wall of the same thickness as in the preindustrial era. And this in turn may reduce the ability of oceans to absorb carbon dioxide, and lead to further disruption of ecosystems of the seas and oceans.

With each year due to increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, increasing its capacity to dissolve seawater, forming carbonic acid, which binds calcium which is in it, resulting in an increase in ocean acidity. Reduced ability of the world ocean to absorb carbon dioxide can also affect All animals in the seas and oceans, because organisms foraminifera are one of the main links of the ocean food chain. Scientists have invented an original method of accumulation of solar and wind energy researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented an unusual electrochemical battery that can supply the energy the whole city. Such energy storage is already set up before, though they do not yet too many, such as for pumped storage plants need a large space, and it can not build everywhere. Another way of storing energy – conversion of wind energy into hydrogen, which serves as a temporary store electricity. <