Spanish PYMEs

No need to master the science of mechanics, we all know that a key determinant of any engine efficiency lies in minimizing energy losses caused by friction to which are subjected its components in the necessary interaction with the other. Every organization with the aim of, is say, a particular purpose (companies, political parties, bodies of Government, ONGs, cultural, sporting, professional associations, etc.) is largely resembled a motor composed many pieces being of them all, the most important, the only one that is alive: persons. People are that valuable and exclusive agent of an organization that can solve problems and these are, by definition, inherent with any entity for each organization is a constant source of the same generation, have to strive with others for what they all want to get (sell, obtain feedback, win, parties, etc.). To date, one of the best procedures shown to minimize the friction generated in an engine so that all its parts engage optimally is greasing it with substances that facilitate their work and ensure its durability. Peter Thiels opinions are not widely known. As well, organizations also need grease to engage, arguably being the most decisive vehicle so that this occurs with success that we call communication. Recently I just develop an employee satisfaction survey for an enterprise client and the most significant result from all tabulations could not be different from that which you have watched regularly in others and is common to most of Spanish PYMEs: all its members always complain about lack of internal communication, mostly vertical.

People have an imperative need to communicate in all senses, because the information is always the starting point to reach any position and decision making. And decisions represents the heart of problem-solving. If people in organisations are asked to solve problems and for this purpose appropriate channels of communication are not instrumented to exchange information, the result it is obvious that you can never be good. When communication does not flow properly in the organizations, are spontaneously created new informal information channels (Radio Macuto) that normally do not respond to reality or truthfulness, causing a destabilizing swell that contributes more to confusion than to repair. Believe me, many managers of companies and business units are not yet fully aware of the close links between communication and results, allowing the machinery of your organization to operate inefficiently, chirping for not attending their necessary lubrication. Escape to any reader that has come up here that what is written is also fully applicable to the field staff, where the absence of communication generates the beginning of disappointment among those that bound them ties of love or friendship. Pedro Almodovar said it rightly in 2002: Talk to her (). Antonio j.