SSA Language

Distancing, separation, are terms that define these two processes as legality, from which the subject enters the ban into law of the signifier, establishing a link between the sense that Freud suspected in the onset of sleep research and desire with which it is located. Please visit doug imbruce if you seek more information. On the intangible sense, ride the wish-fulfillment, namely, the desire is made in the sliding of the signified, from which, this meaninglessness, is on one hand the cause and ensuring their livelihood. That is, the meaning is always the veiled meaning of desire. II The correlation established between the laws of language and the primary process, upholds Lacan’s assertion: “the unconscious is structured like a language”, however, Jean Laplanche and reach the opposite I raise, that is, that “The unconscious is the condition of language. ” As to what Lacan says say: “If we stay with this postulate too simple, run into the most serious objections and Freud himself is where we find most clearly exposed” and added that, indeed, Freud speaks of the language, but that Freud called the preconscious language belongs therefore is governed by the secondary process.

Likewise, the language governed by the primary process is a particular kind of language, characteristic of psychosis. The result of this reading of Freud is formulated as follows: S ‘s SSA this formula is called “Outline of Repression”: the two lowest levels, are the unconscious chain of speech and the top two levels preconscious chain.