St Petersburg

Complete removal of existing electrical systems and wiring, installation of new electrical system in the apartment according to customer requirements. Complete dismantling plumbing system flat wiring and communications installation of sanitary equipment in accordance with customer requirements. Redesign flat, high-quality rough finish flat with modern materials with high performance. Installation of multi-level ceilings with complex geometric shapes with installation of lighting, installation of various design and architectural solutions, and thermal insulation zvukoyzolyatsiya rooms apartment. High quality finishing an apartment with the most modern expensive finishing materials.

Making individual design project apartment in accordance with the wishes and requirements customer. And much more ….. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lunna Lopes. Cost of works – from 15 500 rubles / sqm premises, excluding materials. Some opinions of professionals to repair flats: Do not expect to get a good overhaul of apartments, inviting shabashniki team. 'Like a renovation "they probably will, but an upscale and quality work only by skilled craftsmen who specialize in a particular type of work. It is not only in diligence and skill of the workers. Modern high-precision professional equipment is very expensive, construction firms are going to considerable expense, getting his teaching staff.

Only use this tool guarantees in the end perfectly flat floors, walls and ceilings, high-quality fixed doors, windows and plumbing, which will serve you long and reliable. You must report only to the company having a state license to the right to conduct construction works. Construction companies begin work only after the preparation of detailed estimates and, if necessary, after construction and approval of the design project, after signing the contract, where specified deadlines, cost and list of works and indicated the warranty on the work performed. Private teams also work contract is not concluded, the estimate is informal, the guarantee, respectively, can be no question and happen any force majeure – the customer will have no tangible rights confirmed by the contract. Also a strong argument is that construction companies are professionally engaged in repair and finishing works, there are some discounts at many wholesale sellers of building materials in St Petersburg. Private team wholesalers will not give a discount for lack of continued cooperation.