Storage Cabinets

Archive metal cabinets capable of storing a large amount of paper information. Archive metal cabinets are of modern design, which allows their use in the factory premises, and in offices. Rest assured, our archival metal cabinets – a reliable ally that can protect all of your documents and products from unauthorized access, and fire. Warehouse metal shelving (storage metal furniture) will help you sort through all of your goods. For different goals and objectives established various series of warehouse metal shelving. Easily assembled and disassembled warehouse metal shelving have little weight.

Storage racks are equipped with metal feet at the base of thrust, which make it possible to put warehouse metal shelving on the floor, with no prodavlivaya half the weight. Storage You can buy metal shelving element by element, complementing the already existing design with new components as needed. One of the most popular types of furniture designed for clothes are clothes, metal cabinets. . Clothes, metal cabinets are both single and multi, and equipment used for dressing rooms, businesses, organizations and other institutions which provide dressing. Clothes, metal cabinets are equipped with individual locks, which contribute to reliable safety clothing.

We offer clothes, metal cabinets of various modifications to the width and height, the number of cells and doors. Taking into consideration your individual needs, we manufacture clothing, metal cabinets to order. Accounting metal cabinets are designed for storing various types of documentation and are roomy and capacious storage. The main function played by accounting metal cabinets, is the preservation of records. Accounting metal cabinets are available with different configuration, you can purchase accounting metal cabinets with lots of branches. Among our assortment you will find the surface of the desktop space: workbenches woodwork benches and bench. Special shelves and drawers provided specifically for the Masters, making benches benches bench and an integral part of carpentry work. Rightful place your work, will provide production table. Contributing convenience and comfort, it will become a reliable place electrician, radio mechanic, locksmith, plumber. Our production table will satisfy all the requests and production will contribute to the effectiveness of the work. We can offer you any production tables, all sizes and dimensions. Our metal furniture has a very reasonable price and meets the widest possible range of consumers. All metal furniture to provide appropriate guarantees. Rest assured, our metal furniture will last a long time and safely. Production tables, metal shelving archive, account lockers, clothing, metal cabinets, workbenches woodwork, metalwork benches, metal beds, archival storage racks will increase the effectiveness of your work.