Successful Companies

Is which the most important ingredient of a successful company? What is the most critical investment to ensure that it works? The product? The marketing? The concept of enterprise? According to my experience the ingredient more important to succeed in your business, without a doubt, is you. This is the magic of creating from scratch an organization capable of communicating, producing, give work and generate wealth. To do this, you must inform yourself and be prepared to face the unforeseen. Before the creation and launch of your company which will be long and full of hazards (I’m optimistic birth) must face the most dangerous: yourself. Become a businessman should not be result of an emprendedorus stroke. Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss is really exciting, at least during the first few weeks. Then you realize that sometimes you’re the worst boss you’ve ever had! So it is important to make a personal and quiet reflection before take the big step. It is not enough say I want to be an entrepreneur, but you should also be prepared.

For this reason, I propose that you answer the following questions with time and sincerity. If at the end of them, you are still convinced I wish you all the luck in the world: 1. by that I want to create this company? Although I love doing so, earn money is not enough. 2. What you hope to achieve with it? Be specific here if they are worth figures and details. 3. What time am I willing to spend? An employer has no fixed schedule.

You will be able to do this? 4. What you think my partner of the matter? 5. Do you think the rest of my family? The opinions of others should not be conclusive, but not ignored. 6. What I’m afraid of failing? If you are not afraid of failing, vete ya. The company is not site for crazy people! 7. How big is the risk that I am going to assume? How many months can be without charging? 8 Is who my biggest support? Find a mentor and strive to earn your trust. 9. Who is going to try to discourage me? The world is full of disbelievers. You have to be able to ignore bad tips 10. Do you have enough conviction to face an enraged leon? After many years, I think that the most important quality for success in the business world is simply courage. When you see come la fiera, tusks shining under the Sun, you have to have enough tenacity to stay firm. Here you will find more information about how to create a company.