Summary Normalization

The best option would be a combination of normalization of the average level of peak normalization prevents cuts signal. Slices are also called sound clipping – a distortion of sound, manifested in the appearance of 'hiss' and 'cod'. Wav files for the program Sound Normalizer is only available until peak normalization. For Mp3 files, both in singles and in batch mode before the normalization appropriate to validate and determine the recommended maximum level of normalization without clipping. The recommended maximum level of normalization without clipping – this is the best level of normalization, which eliminates the cuts and providing maximum audio quality.

In batch mode recommended maximum level of batch processing without normalizing the list of sections – this is the best level of normalization, which eliminates the cuts and providing maximum sound quality, which is calculated for the current list processing. In batch mode is the command "Normalize each file to the maximum level without clipping – this team is the realization of peak normalization by the maximum level for Mp3 files. Level normalizing for Mp3 files in the program Sound Normalizer is expressed as a percentage relative to values at 89 dB. That is 89 dB – is 100%. 89 dB – is defined by experience for the majority of the volume of Mp3 files, which are not yet available sections. Summary Normalization – a non-distortionary form of treatment. Normalization is accompanied by a change in the volume or dynamic range, ie the change in the ratio of the loudest value to the very quiet sound value signal.

Normalization can improve the quality: If Wav files, this translates into greater dynamic range, then for Mp3 files, this is reflected in the elimination of sections. Getting to the normalization Mp3 and Wav files should be kept in mind that there are 2 kinds of normalization: Peak normalization, normalization of the average level. Need to know that there are 2 modes of normalization: Single; Batch. Batch mode normalization is working with the list of processing and allows you to align the perceived loudness of tracks for the group. If the group tracks all the songs belong to the same genre or style of music is usually sufficient and peak normalization. If a group of tracks there are songs belonging to different genres is usually necessary to use normalization to the average level. To Wav files in most cases, and peak normalization, as is often the level of their volume is not equal to the maximum and the group playable Wav files on a disk capacity of conventional, usually belongs to one genre. For Mp3 files, you must use the normalization of the average level, because of their volume, as generally equal to or greater than the maximum, which causes a slice. In addition, because of its small size on disk normal capacity is a lot of Mp3 files that do not rarely belong to different genres of music. Therefore, for the Mp3 files would be the best use of the normalization of the average level in conjunction with peak normalization prevents cuts sound and maximizes quality.

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