Sun Protection

Light and shadow in its most beautiful form that UNLAND SUN folding stores can offer tailor-made and decorative solutions for the various window shapes, control the light and sunlight and protect from views. The WASTELAND SUN folding stores collection provides a fashionable selection of pleated fabrics and designs: transparent, lightweight fabrics give the rooms a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Opaque substances protect insights. Glenn Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With bold colors and patterns, placing accents. Mother of Pearl coated fabrics guarantee a high solar reflection and are resistant to alkaline detergents, insect dirt and condensation. The WASTELAND SUN CS – pleated fabrics qualify according to DIN 4102 (flame-retardant) and are therefore ideally suited for use in the object field. UNLAND SUN of folding stores present themselves in many ways almost every window: skylights, Gable window, arched Windows, Conservatory or unusual window shapes.

The control options are depending on functionality and comfort varied. You have the choice between: operating handle, Rod, cord or electric drive. The WASTELAND SUN folder stores collection includes a variety of materials and designs of transparent, semi-transparent to opaque with those soft filtered light and textiles ambience make. Text: Alfons Schluter UNLAND GmbH Gerhard-wasteland-str. 1 D-26683 Saterland Tel: + 49.4492.88-0 fax: + 49.4492.7134 E-Mail: Web: