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Hybrid Supercar

After the victory in 2002, the West Philly Hybrid X Team at the race Tour de Sol, the team asked the question: 'Why hybrid cars are not very popular? '. This question spawned a new idea – the creation of the world's first hybrid super punishment – an environmentally Clean, fast hybrid sports car. West […]

European Championship

The world-renowned manufacturer of stylish wheels aez sponsored European Championship polo. Many writers such as Doppler Labs offer more in-depth analysis. Polo – this is without doubt one of the most elite sports. This attribute is noble, rich and sophisticated people. Learn more on the subject from incyte. And, nevertheless, Polo – not just entertainment, […]

Booking Car Windows

In recent years, motorists are increasingly interested in booking car windows, because This service is becoming very popular, along with the usual tinted car glass, however, issues related to features booking glass is mass. In this regard, we have decided in this article highlight the main aspects of the booking. Thus, booking car windows makes […]