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GPS Development

Much has been said and done towards the development of GPS-navigation. Today almost every computer and your phone is a device with GPS-antenna, which can determine the coordinates and plot a route. But that is not progress is not stopped and went on to develop GPS-monitoring, or, if you will, GPS-scheduling and can simply control […]

Unified Communications

Who among you does not use modern corporate communications tools such as e-mail, mobile or landline phone, a corporate portal, audio, video? I do not think many negative answer this question, but it will certainly appear willing to extend it … The number of such means of communication has increased so much that many companies […]

Microsoft Excel

Businesses and organizations related to housing and communal services (HCS), with a communication platform Oktell increase the level and quality of public services. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. The industry utility services appears one of the largest constituents of the Russian economy. Estimating the amount involved in the sector of financial resources […]

Cell Phone Via InternetShop

Now gaining momentum online stores selling mobile phones because mobile phones are always needed everywhere, without it you can not do. A month or voruetsya lost more than a dozen of thousands of phones, so all tend to quickly find a replacement, buying a new one. The fastest and easiest way to buy a mobile […]