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San Francisco

In the visit technique carried through in day 23/09/2009 in the city of Itabirito, no abnormality was evidenced in relation to the noise. If the legislation will eventually not be respected, the noise can cause a discomfort to the inhabitants, since the city presents narrow streets, thus making it difficult the waste of the sonorous […]

Development Environment

The ambient questions and of the work come assuming new configurations with the deepening of the globalization process (DOWBOR et al., 1997), with the productive reorganization (Harvey, 1996) and the adoption of the economic policies of neoliberal cut (Fiori, 1997). A double movement is evidenced: the dissolution of the borders economic politics and to the […]

New Energy Civilization

A new Strong energy civilization is the idea whose time arrived Victor Hugo the exponential growth of the industrialized societies was remained in reason of the existence of abundant and cheap natural resources. The development of science and the technology, ally to the great availability of energy resources, propitiated this conspicuous progress in world-wide history. […]

The Solar

The solar radiation is dosfatores that more the thermal profit in the constructions influences and is function daintensidade of the incident solar radiation and the dosmateriais thermal characteristics of construction (LAMBERTS; DUTRA; PEAR TREE, 1997; FLEET and SCHIFFER, 1999). In the summer, the insolation is an important cause of desconfortotrmico in the constructions. The protection […]