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Interior Decor, From Helena Streletskaya

Our native and foreign magazines and websites for interior design, there are sometimes staggering originality of certain design decisions. To nurture such unconventional idea, we should not simply draw a picture the future internal appearance apartments, houses or villas, but also the correct accents for a more balanced perception of space. This is what decorators […]

Walleye Fishing

Expert at catching fish predators Bertus Rozemayer at catching walleye idetsobstvennym way. In doing so he is not going to give otsvoih favorite lures, but instead of soft plastic catches on wobblers. When trolling, fishing lures yavlyayutsyarezultativnymi buzz baits, at least, they do not ustupayutvibrohvostam. For a long time, I only caught perch on lures, […]

Aerial Extreme Tourism

Who has not dreamed up in the sky, like the hero of Greek myth? It did not take long before science and technology, proved the possibility of such flights. Today, manufacturers of paragliders can realize a dream each, enough to pick up the machine in their data. Each aircraft is calculated on the weight of […]