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Energie Steiermark

At the call center services, which provides the SAI for Energie Steiermark group companies, are essential a high availability on all channels, fast response time, reliability and friendliness and competence of the employees. These criteria were validated PIDAS, inter alia by means of fictitious customer concern. Also, a satisfaction survey was conducted already served customers. […]

PRofilBerater GmbH Supports

The services marketing and PR expert Bernhard Kuntz converts and renames his Office in the PRofilBerater GmbH. The PRofilBerater GmbH is the company of the marketing and PR consultant Bernhard Kuntz since mid-August. In addition, education and consulting marketing specialist transformed his Office into a GmbH. Not the business of the company has changed this. […]

Communication Leads

A second pillar for small and family-owned company, a windfall for private household, are good solutions to raise more money. The realization requires new knowledge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. Earn money with a network of partners. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs who daily, serious work as […]

Managing Director

Long-standing specialist for innovative solutions in the machine, plant, steel / metal construction uses the CAD and PDM software house ISD as HiCAD and HELiOS the sectors in focus and the ISD over the years has developed powerful industry packages with numerous special functions of sheet metal processing. “With a strategic focus on the product […]

Cleaning Companies In The Greater Zurich Area AG cleans apartments or offices Zurich, Switzerland – professionally no matter whether it concerns the cleaning of household or but also that of the offices, the company conveyed quickly and reliably the required staff. The motto of the service provider is simply that staff mediated by the company remains more leisure time and […]

Quality Management – Your Competitive Advantage

As you support your long-term business success through a sleek, efficient quality management system the market position of many companies has become more difficult in recent years. The growing homogenization of the services offered, the increased customer expectations consistently high product quality and the growing importance of the Internet have resulted in that it is […]