The Payment

Amounts that taxpayers in the terms of the previous paragraph, to retain shall find out in the identified as ISR concept other deductions in the appropriate electronic application. Do with regard to the law of business tax rate? nica, stipulates in its article tenth third transitional: for the purposes of article 6?. fraction IV of this law, during the 2008 fiscal year, the acquisition of the goods referred to in rule 2.5.1 of the miscellaneous tax resolution published in the journal of the Federation on April 25, 2007, you can check in the same terms set out therein, as well as in the 2.5.2 rules and 2.5.3 of the aforementioned resolution, concerned the first disposition made by natural persons dedicated to the activities identified in the aforementioned always rule 2.5.1. And in case outside little, the resolution of administrative facilities 2008 set to rule 1.19. Physical persons or morals that acquire products to taxpayers who are exempt from the payment of income tax and flat tax, dedicated exclusively to farming, forestry, livestock or fisheries, for the purposes of the income tax Act and of the article 6, section IV of the flat tax Act, may check these acquisitions by applying established rules 2.5.1., 2.5.2.

and 2.5.3. the RMF, insofar as it is the first sale made by natural persons dedicated to the activities mentioned in the fraction I of the above-mentioned rule 2.5.1 and comply with the requirements laid down in these rules and in the article tenth third transitional law of the flat tax. Do and if the acquisition exceeded the amount of $2,000.00, have to pay for it with nominative cheque? In the rule 1.10 The resolution of administrative facilities 2008, establishes: physical or moral persons who carry out payments to contributors dedicated exclusively to farming, forestry, livestock or fisheries, whose amount does not exceed $30,000.00 to the same person in the same calendar month, shall be prospected to nominative of the taxpayer, credit card, cheque of debit or services, or through electronic purses for that purpose authorize the SAT. In conclusion, an option to deduct purchases of goods made with the fishermen is through the boarding and that the payment is made in cash must not disregard provisions of rule 1.10.