United States

Here, ISO certification from the perspective of the customer helps the orientation on the confusing market. A so-called living provider is able to make hardly a successful certification according to international standards, windy con man with alleged turnover of billions but also did not want to. The company, which success largely depends on a properly functioning infrastructure, must ultimately rely on that the IT partner its function permanently professional perceives, and this usually continuously for 365 days in the year. Hardly a penalty can be so high at least outside the United States, that she could compensate for a serious loss or total loss. So when it comes to trust, especially the proof of a check on compliance with specified standards counts very much.

It comes for the customers and partners an ISO certification according to European standard. For the company itself, a standardisation represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Just the sensitive work areas are screened and checked for their functionality. Especially management and top executives are there, which in a sense a mirror is kept. Traditional processes where any objective sense but long lost, but alone for this reason been strictly adhered to, because this was done after all always so and not otherwise, cannot withstand an external approach, and this fall victim. Identifying and breaking up obsoleter or even negative One of the challenges is structures. Simplest processes are questioned and their focus on results and analyses. The chance is the obtained productivity and entrepreneurial freedom, which can arise from it.

Detoxification is not only good for the body, but also for a company, which is one himself in a certain way. Supplier relationships are created, simplified work steps or simply dropped. A light simplicity emerges from the complexity, time and space are for new ideas and at the same time energy releases to go out on the core business concentration and continue to develop.