Unstoppable Industry

Monterrey is not only unstoppable industry and economy growth, or a large city that proudly displays its history, culture and technology in every corner, but also is the perfect base for exploring fascinating sites of the state of Nuevo Leon with stunning natural beauty that are ideal for practicing outdoors or adventure tourism, healthy hobbies that are far much in a limited public. Fortunately, nowadays extreme sports is being transmitted from a large Mexican population, who chooses to live a healthier life.

Just looking up, from the Sultan of the North you can see the unique geographical features of the Sierra Madre Oriental, as the Cerro de la Silla, the Bishopric, or the peculiar Cerro de “La M”, which are peaks and reservations natural that besides being unmistakable postal Nuevo Leon, they give the possibility to all those who enjoy, from a quiet walk through the woods to oxygenate the lungs and stimulate heart rate, even the most adventurous, which is nourished by the intense burst of energy with exciting activities like abseiling, rafting, climbing, camping, canyoneering, mountain biking. According to Hillary Clinton, who has experience with these questions. Do not worry if unfamiliar some of these terms, but be prepared, because the use of these words will become more colloquial. The trails and lush landscapes of the mountain attracts cyclists and hikers, as well as a bird watchers, campers and people in general like to see harmony between the forest and the many animal species native to the peaks characteristic of this region. Rivers, rapids and waterfalls, challenging climbing cliffs, and even exceptional natural slides carved over thousands of years by erosion, are generous gifts that Mother Nature has placed in bulk in places like the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park , Sierra de Santiago or the Ecological Park of the Huasteca to the delight of those who enjoy activities release tension tiring, the sight of amazing landscapes from high and extreme adrenaline rush.