Any working office is usually staffed copiers leading foreign manufacturers xerox, ricoh, develop, kyocera, canon, hp, which are recognized in the world and are the most reliable. For copiers, generating these firms are multi-function devices (MFPs), wide-plotter, a printer (laser, matrix, inkjet, color printer), scanners (scanners Widescreen and A4), copy machines. To transfer the copied information on paper with the mfp, copier scanner, plotter, you need office paper. Office paper, which is used in these devices can be printed, with an adhesive edge, offset, color. Paper is used every day at the office in large numbers to copy, scan, print, fax and letters.

In the Russian market demand for office paper brands "Snow Maiden", "Ballet," "Comus." In addition foreign companies that manufacture copiers, also represent their brands of paper under the brand hp, xerox, epson, ricoh,. All kinds and types of paper should be qualitative, because it affects the life and work all models of high-performance copiers, operating at relatively high speed paper feed. And also depends if you get high-quality scanned. otkserenny, faxed paper document output. At first glance all the standard office paper looks the same.

But it is only at first glance. If you look closely, a paper thin, the other – the thickness, the third – is softer, the fourth – transparent. Therefore need some knowledge to determine the differences between varieties of paper. Sometimes, when there are failures in the technology blame it up. But perhaps the main reason to use low-quality paper. Can not buy paper cheaper. This will lead to more rapid deterioration mechanisms in copiers (MFPs, scanners, copiers, plotters, printers) and this will only increase the cost of repairs.