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Monthly Archives: November 2012


All head is ill a negative opinion of itself: Low self-esteem. I am clumsy, I am bad, I am ugly, poor of me, do not deserve that they want to me, I do not deserve that they admire to me, I do not deserve pardon, I do not deserve good things, etc. A negative opinion […]

Cadiz Programming

From the institute of Webex we have been pending of the enormous demand of programmers in cobol and to the constant requests of qualification person, it is by whom it was decided to begin the first course online of Cobol, oriented to the used present dials in basic programming, including Cobo JCL, CIS and DB2. […]

This Program

(Statute of the Child and of Adolescent, Law n 8,069, of 13 of July of 1990). The theoretical basement of this program is the Report of the UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for century XXI, Education a treasure to discover (1996) co-ordinated for Jacques Delors who sees the education appearing with one trunfo […]