Along Rivers

St. Petersburg is not for nothing called "Venice of the North – in the town of about 100 rivers, canals and channels, which occupy about 10 percent of the area. Walking along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg will see his new side – view from water often even more spectacular than from land. The main thing is to guess the weather – the wind may not allow the water to enjoy a stroll in full.

The main waterway of the city, of course, the Neva, which connects Lake Ladoga and Gulf of Finland. In most parts of St. Petersburg its banks "dressed in granite and swim in the Neva River in the city is not very accepted, even though Peter and Paul Fortress is one of the most popular beaches in the city. The Neva is 74 kilometers in width at its widest point reaches 1200 meters. In the summer of Neve very convenient to get to Peterhof and Kronstadt – it is more expensive than land transport, but faster and much nicer.

No less pleasure to walk on water will leave St. Petersburg itself. Basically, they cover the central part of the city. Search for departing boats standing on jetties Sinks, canal or Griboyedov near Nevsky Prospekt. In the excursions you will be told not only about the rivers and canals, but also about the history of the city and its major attractions. Usually tour lasts about an hour. By Neva can swim away and much farther – usually ships on long go the distance with the River Station in the south of the city. There is also and one of Saint Petersburg hotels – River. Rivers and canals can not be imagined without the bridges – in St. Petersburg there are about 340. Large and small, wide and narrow, elegant and simple – such diversity can not be found anywhere else in Russia and is unlikely to anywhere else in the world. Near the bridge across the Neva is one feature – during navigation (from April to November) they are bred to the ships could sail under it. After that, Vasilevsky Island, for example, completely cut off from the rest of the city. Although the wiring is done at night, almost always there are people (both tourists and locals) who are not that shore, where they wanted. Bridges for latecomers, of course, not reduce, but almost always possible to find a boatman, who for a certain (usually quite considerable) fee will bring the desired shore. Rivers and channels are added St. Petersburg landscape grandeur and romance and is one of the main components of the city skyline, so the visit to the Northern capital of Russia should not be considered complete until you see it with water.