Android Quarter

Android ended the year 2010 ahead of Apple, leading the platform for smartphones in the network of mobile advertising, Millennial Media, with 46% of impressions while Apple got 32% last December. This represents an increase of 12% compared with the previous month, when both platforms had a 38%. Millennial data have met just one week after comScore show that Android had surpassed the iPhone in the United States for the first time. However, the two were situated behind Motions BlackBerry, which had a 33.5% of the market share. In the last quarter of Android ad requests have grown a 141% compared with the first quarter of the year. However, requests from iOS have grown only 12 per cent quarter on quarter. However, the ads served on iPads have grown 280% in the last quarter of 2010.

If we talk about ads inserted into mobile Millennials network applications, Android obtained 55% in the last quarter, while Apple gained 39%. The game are the largest category within applications, with 26% of the impressions of the applications. Applications relating to travel and holidays have grown at end of the year, doubling the number of impressions. In terms of devices, the iPhone remains the most important device in the ad network, with a 12.5% of impressions. And Apple leads the ranking of manufacturers, with 21% decuota market of the 15 manufacturers of phones in the network of Millennials, followed by Samsung, with about 17% and HTC, with 15%. But the expansion of Android also becomes apparent here, since it runs in 16 of the 30 devices, against eleven had in November. But this battle by the attractive mobile advertising has not done more to start. Apple comes stomping and projections show an increase in sales of the Apple Smartphone.