Christoph Losch

“” The range of the possible presence of available or busy “to more accurate information for example, absent in the date” with the appropriate subject from the Outlook calendar. “The advantages of this solution are obvious: by the virtual back together” individual contacts – even in different locations the communication processes become overall simpler and more agile, which leads to an increase of efficiency and productivity in the company. “When comparing the concepts of public social networks” with Federation networks “three essential differences. Seen from the perspective of users at first glance: the Federation users to use addresses that show their company affiliation for their communication and read the rule as their corporate E-mail address. ESTOS assumes that a similar label will arise, as today is of course e-mail. In the e-commerce is expected to today, that the E-Mail address shows the corresponding company affiliation, while individuals typically communicate with an email address of a public service provider. In second place, and especially for the individual companies of great importance: communication runs directly between the company and not a third-party server.

Right here is the weak point of the public service provider: you analyze the content for the implementation of their business models. Thirdly, the Federation is based on open standards and also – if desired – to public networks enables networking of various systems in subsequent steps. The Federation allows an autonomous and direct networking of friendly”companies and their staff, making unnecessary Facebook & co. for this purpose. For communication with members, moving only in these communities, in the future there interfaces. In a business environment, public services, but will play a supporting role, which is comparable to the AOL or CompuServe status with respect to the current E-Mail communication. Christoph Losch, Managing Director of ESTOS: A company can have no interest in that confidential information which replace employees with others, represent the basis for the business models of other companies.