Classic Brickbusting Action

'My years – my fortune ' Everyone who was a child during the heyday eight-bit consoles – the end of the last century, know this game. She came to our house along with the first (for most) game consoles. Are those consoles, for some reason, just "Dandy", but actually "Dandy" – this is just one of many names of consoles, as well as computers are "Formosa, Dell and others. It's a game we played one of the first. After all, it is often was on the cartridge, sold with the prefix. Childhood rose-colored glasses I also remember how we, the poor Russian kids who lied dishonest foreign manufacturers.

Written on the cartridges "999 games in 1" or if it was arrogance bigger, "9999 games in 1. I once saw such promise, straight stunned, I thought that I that one cartridge will last for a lifetime. I believed them. Children are generally trusting. Divorce from purchasing games console, we soon found that we had been deceived at the expense of the game.

Really in fact there were 10.6 units. They just went in order, and each repetition is called differently. For example: 1. Battle City, 2. Super Mario Bros., 3. Tetris, 4. Duck Hunt, 5. Galaxia, (but then again, but under other names) 11. Louigi Bros. (Same as Super Mario), 12. Super Tank (guessed that this Battle City?), 13. Russian puzzle (Tetris in a different "wrapper"), etc. In some cases, manufacturers do not even bother inventing new names.