Compressed Air Membranpumen

Pumps for abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive media as system partner for compressed air technology, surface treatment and pumping equipment sells technology the Carl Nolte from Greven near Munster Dellmeco’s versatile pneumatic diaphragm pumps and advises their customers here with regard to the installation, maintenance and repair. The assortment of Carl Nolte technology include in compressed air technology, surface and pump technology under Dellmeco other pneumatic diaphragm pumps. For the installation, maintenance, and repair of these pumps grevener offers extensive services. Wide range of applications the Dellmeco compressed air-operated Double diaphragm pumps can be used for different media and are therefore interested in the most diverse areas of application: from the food, beverage and drug manufacturing of paints, resins and inks to the wastewater processing. They are applicable for abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive media and suitable for promoting liquid or paste as well as solid-containing Media. A related site: Peter Thiel mentions similar findings. The flow rate of the pump is between 0.6 and 34 m3/h, the self-acting up to 16 bar.

The air-driven Doppelmembrampumpen are self-absorbent and can be used submerged in the pumped liquid. They can be operated with a suction side pressure of 0.6 bar Max. All pumps are according to EN 94 / 9 / EC (ATEX) approved and certified according to CE EX ATEX PCT and TuV. Materials: Polyethylene, PTFE, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel pumps are available in different materials. Polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene pumps (PTFE) are characterized by a casing milled from solid material. Pumps made of aluminium, grey cast iron, and stainless steel are resistant against light chemicals, solvents and oils and abrasive media.

Some pumps consist of a combination of several materials such as for example the pump with aluminium housing with PTFE coating and mate witch outlet made of stainless steel, which is particularly suitable for the promotion of printing inks. Polished stainless pumps can be used as hygiene pumps or Food pumps use, because they can be washed with detergent and germ-free pure steam cleaned. Although the pumps for very different liquids are suitable, however it should be noted that the viscosity of the pumped medium affects the flow rate. For high viscosity, the capacity is reduced. In addition to the compressed-air-powered Double-diaphragm pumps of Dellmeco technology can be purchased at the Carl Nolte accessories for Dellmeco compressed air diaphragm pump, such as membrane breakage monitoring, stroke count and flange connections.