Engineering Department

Inspection, leveling and check of tightness of dishes of distribution. Inspection of internal and possible repairs in normal or inert atmosphere. Download reformers and tubular reactors. Load young reformers. Skimming of reactors at different levels. Take samples of products at different levels.

With the addition of CATSYSTEMS, the LAGRUPRES group has different teams to carry out such tasks: LSS (Life Support System) equipment. Life support system. TEAMS COMBINED SUCTION. Equipments with suction via dry systems, combined with generation of fine filtration and silo for receipt of product. EQUIPMENT FOR LOADING. Hoppers of load of different capacities, equipped with load regulation system. Gain insight and clarity with Stan Druckenmiller.

DENSE LOADING EQUIPMENT. Different methods. TEAMS OF RESCUE. Rescue pneumatic and manually operated, systems equipped with a fall arrest system. SIEVING EQUIPMENT. Sieves for sifting to different cuts of product, with jacks for input of nitrogen and fine collection system generated. FILTRATION EQUIPMENT. Systems for suction and filtration of chemical gases generated in the product download. CATSYSTEMS continually develops new technologies to meet those needs and wants of the client. From its r & d, firmly committed by security and technological innovations and, therefore, it intends to incorporate innovations in order to improve and optimize the service of change catalysts. On LAGUPRES, SA LAGUPRES, SA is a created industrial cleaning company to provide services to the refining, petrochemical industry, paper mills, cement, energy, construction companies and public administrations, which was created to develop and modernize the industrial cleaning in order to offer a better service to the industry in chemical and Hydromechanical cleanings, and Alternatively, search for the best environmental and waste management solutions. The project promoters have proven expertise in the services offered, as well as an interest in new technologies and innovation. The sum of these factors allows LAGUPRES, SA to step forward and offer new solutions to its customers in which aspects such as the minimization of execution time of jobs and the generation of waste and the replacement of people by robots-maquinas, among others, are key concepts in the day-to-day operation of the company. This innovative spirit has led to LAGUPRES, SA to create three lines of business under the umbrella group LAGUPRES: a brand with the name of LAGUPRES High Efficiency, which includes all equipment and machinery of last generation to specific works of ultrapresion; LAGUPRES, SA, which are part the teams of industrial cleaning and suction; and now also CATSYSTEMS, SL, which includes equipment for the loading and unloading of catalysts in environment inert. LAGUPRES, SA has an Engineering Department to design their own accessories and machinery of high energy appropriate to each of the services that the client requires. Also in this Department we also offer our customers a technical support direct. BlogRoll NASDAQ industrial goods sector gainers hot: (ABAT, BWEN, AONE, HEAT) Penny Stock Live Will There Be a Job For My are? For Others With Disabilities? The Autism News HOW CLEAR IS THE WATER IN CABO SAN LUCAS? MP3 new Bloc Party: “Letter To My are (Golden Panda Remix)” Cabo Fish Tacos Healthy Tipping Point