From The Idea To The Product

Where does it begin and what is needed? In several interviews and articles I read the same answer, what is most important: first, good staff, secondly, good staff and thirdly, good staff. True, I thought to myself, and how I come to the good employees? If I don’t, I’ll get nothing. Simple law of resonance. So, first, I need a basic idea. Something I can talk about that. In existing companies no problem, there to discuss lots of information because constantly go beyond requirements and pass again. Sometimes this is inconvenient, because where are the new ideas? But if the purpose is true, lots of good ideas are born from the many input channels. Foursquare usually is spot on.

There is still no existing company, a first idea may come from the following discussion of two specialists: what do n’ grad so? ‘. \” \”Answer: I find cool I don’t know, but this and that\”. \”On the first: OK, I take\”. So startups will emerge in the United States in the IT environment. So let’s assume that there is a first group.

A group of people, professionals with a certain background and specific experiences. Ideas can come from this group or ideas into it can be worn in this group. The background and the experience of the group, its participants, are available for the assets and capabilities, these ideas into products and to market them. Necessary experience or skills does not exist, it is worth to think about alternative ideas or an extension of the necessary resources. So from a closed innovation (within the Organization) to make an open innovation (involvement of customers, prospective customers) or both make sense to mix. Now look at the idea. Or also: on the problem, for which there could be a solution that helps the customers get something easier, cheaper, or more fulfilling. Some ideas come from the market, by the customers.