– Looks like the orcs in the forest – said Denon. – Yes, similar to the one – I agree with him. Suddenly we heard the heartbreaking human cry. -It the other soldiers, had passed in our minds, and we fled to cry. We ran straight to cry, but he just moved away from us. Then he fell silent scream But we continued to run forward until he ran into another edge, where we saw a similar picture. There have been all the other five soldiers. But one soldier was still alive, and from his belly protruding blade.

I went to him and squatted down, he was still breathing, but he was no longer a tenant. He was breathing heavily and I was trying to say something like Suddenly, there was a terrible hiss. – Lie down and shouted, general and knocked me down. Already on the ground I realized what was happening: flying arrows everywhere, the soldiers did not manage to escape and were already dead, suddenly, 'flow' arrows had stopped and the second in forest dead silence, but then came a clatter and cries of the orcs, they fled on all sides to us. We are a general jumped to their feet and prepared for battle. Orcs were already there. In my thoughts I have already said goodbye to all, as the two of us against so many orcs had no chance to resist. I picked up the sword of the deceased soldier, took his, and wore a shield on his back and stood in a rack.