Hvar Island

Mediterranean climate on the island of Hvar climate is one of the main selection criteria when searching for a suitable holiday destination. Hvar offers a special climate which is characterized by the fact that the summers are pleasantly warm. High temperatures (such as 35 C) are perceived on Hvar Island as pleasant as the humidity is usually very low and during the day in the summer months the Maestralwinde blow, which provide a nice breeze from noon until approximately 4: 00. On Hvar, almost always the sun shines, it rarely rains, but it can happen even in July and August, that a storm and it’s raining then. From mid-September until the end of October the island of Hvar is a dream come true for leisure like hiking or riding the bike would. There prevail during the day about 28 C, and at night the temperatures drop up to 18 C, so that it comes out in the apartment on Hvar or in an apartment on Hvar without technical aids such as E.g.

air conditioning. Read more from Ron Wood to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This accommodates tourists who like no air conditioning in the apartment. The Mediterranean climate on the island invites tourists in the winter or spring. The mild winters are characterized as a result that it is during the day in the Sun also often more than 20 C. Therefore, tourists in the winter months can escape the harsher climate in the home and spend their holidays in Hvar. Even in winter you can book holiday apartments on Hvar. There are great modern accommodation on Hvar equipped with everything a tourist needs. Apartments, rooms or apartments, you can book all of this all year round also on Hvar. In the course of a year, Hvar has an average amount of 7.7 hours sunshine per day, more hours of sunshine per day as Dubrovnik nearly half an hour.