Intellectual Property Sites

But in any case, whatever the technical or organizational defense, we did not perform, the question on the legal status of intellectual property protection sites. Intellectual Property Sites – A software component, text content, graphics are protected by copyright regulations set out in Part IV of the Civil Code. This means that the law are protected by copyright for the collection of site content (and its components) in the case of its creative content in various forms of objective reporting – in the form of text, graphics, software content, audio, vidio. In other words, if you created a website, and it contains creative elements, it is automatically protected by law your copyrights. But here lie two huge problems – and the proof of authorship. The author is one whose creative effort has created a product. But how to prove? In practice, the availability of the product proved fixation on a given date by third parties. By the product if the site is to be understood content of the site.

Content or leave it can be presented in textual, graphic, electronic form, including in the form of program code. Currently, use the following methods of fixation copyright Website: Registration code the site in different organizations, including the FIPS.Deponirovanie (registration) site content in text, graphic, electronic form, including in the form of software codes in different organizatsiyah.Notarialnoe certification of content in some forme.Svidetelskie pokazaniya.Otpravka yourself a registered letter with the contents of the site content. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.