Konstantin Konsti

Young author from Witten is her mystery debut Christina Rokoss creates it with her first crime novel, revenge of the past, to transfer directly to the reader from the first page to a cleverly crafted scenery full of dense atmosphere and gripping suspense. Figures can prove facts, but give up also puzzles. The latter deal after a murder of a young American investigators Natascha Kammerling and Konstantin Konsti”j of the CLD of Dusseldorf. And it further murders, always happen on a certain day at the same time. The culprit or culprits always leave a different three-digit number, which for the time being, no importance is attached to the victims. An anonymous phone call announcing another body, brings the police detectives in danger. Finally the initially ignored digit sequences, revenge of the past – by Christina Rokoss – ISBN 9783981224887 – price of 12.90 – authors spring Verlag, Meinerzhagen cause a hot track