Recall also the myth of Pandora's jar. Zeus is furious because Prometheus stole the sun seeds that provide the fertile soil, and orders the creation of a woman full of virtue and beauty. Hephaestus the molded clay, the Graces wearing jewelry and Hermes put in his chest lies, seduction and capacity fickle nature. Epimetheus, did not hear the warning of his brother accepted Pandora as his wife and gift from the gods. Until such time as the story of myth, mankind lived a harmonious life, but Pandora opened the jar that contained all the evils and vices and misfortunes fell upon mankind.

We can not doubt the efficiency of language to highlight the differences. As an example let us think that we use the semantic distinction between Fox (smart man) and fox (prostitute) public man (man who took charge for the good of the community) and public woman. Obviously this is not done an exhaustive list, simply highlight the problem and think we even moved to poetry as when we refer to male sea to express their beauty and harmony, and sea disasters to underline that bring storms. Also at the opposite pole there are differences: macho and feminist housewife housewife wimp and have radically different connotations. Perhaps the strategy has been that culture, look for efficiency in the allocation of tasks and assigning roles different virtues. Thus, the male engaged in work that required courage, risk and strength, and women raising children, the elderly and structuring of the family.