New Energy Civilization

A new Strong energy civilization is the idea whose time arrived Victor Hugo the exponential growth of the industrialized societies was remained in reason of the existence of abundant and cheap natural resources. The development of science and the technology, ally to the great availability of energy resources, propitiated this conspicuous progress in world-wide history. The globalization and the wild growth of the economy in last the ten years had left stop backwards the age of the cheap energy and the abundance of natural resources. A great number of investors was attracted for projects of generation of clean energy, but the financial crisis that came out in 2008 reduced the credit facilities for the investment. The nature submitted to the capital was reduced the natural resources. Destarte, the process nature resource energy submitted it the capital in the abstract form of accumulation of wealth, what it allowed the exponential increase of the work capacity. It was produced, then, the limitless growth of material products in one same unit of time abstract: the financial power is the engine of the speed of the economic growth.

Galileu Galilei said: ' ' the language of the nature is written in language matemtica' '. Mineralized carbon molecules are energy, and the capital is assumen of the fossil energy and a materialized time of geologic work of millions of years and submits it the capitalist logic of short term to produce wealth, but also ambient degradation without regenerating the capital natural. The continuous and gradual destruction of the planet is consequncia of the profit in short term, located erroneamente to the front of the real necessities human beings. In long stated period, the preservation of the status ambient quo implies radical ruptures in the form for which if it generates the planet in the energy use, so that rich populations, in its way of life, consider primordial to respect the capacity of support of the planet and the necessities and the interests of the billions of poor persons unloaded of the access the basic resources for its well-being.