New Release: Das Ortliche For Spandau 2010 / 2011

Wolfgang and Ursula are the most common names in Spandau, district mayor praises the service offer Berlin, October 01, 2010 from Monday the new edition will be mailed free das ortliche for Spandau. Compared with the previous edition, up to 30 percent of the contents are updated. Wolfgang is the most popular male first name in the new directory, women, Ursula takes the hit list. In his foreword, praises district mayor Konrad Birkholz das ortliche as a guide and stressed the importance of a service guide for the region. Here, Technology Investor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Over 100,000 copies of the phone book classic be placed for free in the next week. The 448 pages useful helpers such as doctor directory, citizen information (E.g. city festivals), directory of administrative authorities, the new Gastroseiten, health services, city plan and special pages on trade, crafts and services strong phone directory make a handy reference of the region. The TVG Publisher shall deliver like free of charge on request via E-Mail) additional copies directly to the House.

For the first time, it was evaluated which given name most commonly occur. Among the men, Wolfgang leads followed by Peter and Horst. Among women, Ursula takes the top spot, followed by Helga and Renate. In addition to these classics, the trend of recent years in the local names can be found. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is often quoted on this topic. So, Yasmin, Emilia, Pauline or Mara are also listed as Maurice, Leon, Lucas, and Louis in the men for the female given name. Also extraordinary names can be found at Hinsehen.

In his preface, the district mayor Konrad Birkholz the this year’s Edition praise with their current service offerings for the Havel – and Citadel city. He also refers to the positive response”the Spandauer citizens sign to the regional service the local. “” The district mayor admits himself: I trust my phone book is still “in the usual paper version.” The default entry is free of charge for private and business customers.