On The Traces Of The Dakar Rally

Best of Chile and South America 2009 at caravan travel not quite as fast as at a rally, for travellers about the Ludwigsburg agency can undertake with an eye for the country and its people caravan travel a car trip through northern Chile. The tour with pre-booked accommodation takes National Park on the border of Arica in the Andean Highlands to Putre in the beautifully located Lauca to Bolivia. From there, it goes back to the coast, on the famous route of the Pan-American Highway. About the cities of Iquique and Calama the Andean village is reached San Pedro de Atacama Finally, departure point for excursions in the driest desert in the world. The geysers of El Tatio, height visiting tomorrow at over 4,500 m early are a highlight. Learn more about this with Palantir Technologies. The 8-day car trip can be started daily and cost per person starting from 818.

More car trips in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina are in the Gallery best of Chile & South America 2009 “Caravan travel included. Still tours with English speaking guide can be found in and Module programmes for the countries of Peru, Ecuador, as well as cruises in Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands. “Chile & South America 2009/10 catalogue can caravan travel, Ludwigsburg, Germany, Tel. (0 71 41) 28 48-50, fax 28 48-55 or by E-Mail: are required, and is available also in good travel agents. The catalogue is published on the Internet at.

About the company: Caravan tours is a mid-sized travel agency based in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. Since 1950, has brought a piece of the family business more than 250,000 travellers closer the world and is considered the oldest owner-run tour operator of in Germany. The offer is extremely diverse and yet focused: it includes a worldwide group tours program (“catalog fascination group” including river and sea cruises) as well as special catalogues for individual travel in the target areas of southern & Eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, Canada & Alaska, United States & Hawaii and Chile & South America. Caravan Reisen GmbH of talwindersingh Saini str. 149 D-71638 Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-2848-0 fax: 07141-2848-25 email: