Organizational Psychology

However, within training in this specialization are not methods, techniques, methods of working with clients. Do not even go through methods of psychological diagnosis used in advisory work. How not to pass them on specialization "Organizational Psychology" .. Read additional details here: Startapp. People who have such training, perhaps good people of your profile, but to advise them and can not be allowed anywhere near close. Working with such a professional is like, for example, the study of mathematics under the guidance of a teacher of biology. But the work! I'm not talking about those who have received education "underground" methods – simply read a lot of psychological literature, or engaging in a the leadership of "teacher." Such talk and somehow not serious. Startapp follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Higher education in this sphere must! So do not hesitate to ask to show a degree and make sure that the specialist has specialization "Counseling." If he has no record in the diploma "counseling" or "counselor", then before you generalists and work with it – is dangerous! And the fact that he offers his services without appropriate qualifications, and just says that he has no idea about the scope, which intends to operate. Even better, if the specialist to whom you applied is not only higher education, which is just basic, but also additional to any and better in several areas of psychology. In this case, it has a certificate or a certificate that he is a Gestalt therapist, or psychoanalyst, or a specialist in psycho-drama or character, and so on. Such diplomas, certificates or certificates issued by specialized institutions or foreign associations and demonstrate a high-level expert.