Traditional Weddings

Nowadays people have a genuine interest in their roots. Everyone wants to know about the origins and lives of their ancestors. However, the modern world truly is international, people actively move around the world, crossing geographical, cultural and communicative boundaries. Almost every man of our time apply the term "citizen of the world." So we call a man who literally does not sit in place and anywhere in the world feels at home. According to various estimates, Russia now live from 230 thousand to 10 million ethnic Jews. In Israel, the same Russian are one of the major minority groups.

In 2008, Russia and Israel was established visa-free border crossings. These data suggest the friendship of two peoples and mutual penetration of two cultures. Deserves special attention is the phenomenon of marriage in Israel. Every day people fall in love and getting married, so to them sooner or later gets the actual question: where and how to get married? There are many solutions, and traditional wedding in Israel, promises to be vivid and memorable event for everyone who will come to organizing the celebration with wit and ingenuity. Wedding in Israel – a typical selection of Russian-speaking population, and Jews living in Russia, supporting connection to their historical homeland. But the wedding in Israel may be not only the national implications. For example, as a place where they married the "Holy Land" is selected mobile, mobile couples who want to seal their alliance away from home in unfamiliar surroundings and in accordance with local traditions and customs.

The Main Problems With The Drum Washing Machine

Modern washing machines do not leave much to be the best – they are technically perfect and extremely easy to operate. Yet, even these devices periodically break down and need repair. Experts say that repairs machine wash is not as simple as it may seem like an inexperienced user. It is for this reason, trust repair the washing machine should only professionals who know the master with a long practical experience. These experts are able to resolve any problem, ranging from basic plastic replacement parts, door handles, for example, and ending with a serious repair of significant components.

Among the standard troubleshooting the machine, very special place is occupied by problems with the drum. In the wash drum is role (in his boots underwear), and any shortcoming of his work instantly affects the general functionality washing device. It happens that during the wash cycle the drum gets a foreign object, and then the washing machine starts to behave poorly – it rattles and grinds. To resolve this defect, the car must be disassembled and removed extraneous thing. To do this, incidentally, does not necessarily invite the masters – the user at least a little familiar with the technique able to eliminate this problem without outside help.

Sometimes washing machine rattles and rattle issues for a different reason – unpleasant sounds are the result of wear or breakage of drum bearings. In this case, to solve the problem, it is necessary to sort and replace the failed bearing. Another kind of broken drum washing machine is the lack of rotation. Reasons for this failure may be several, including violation of the integrity timing belt, engine trouble washing machine breaking carbon brushes and again – the failure of drum bearings. Correct in this case, the machine can be only one way – by replacing the defective part or assembly washing device. Often the washing machine drum begins to rotate in one direction or in the laundry is spinning at very high speeds. Such behavior drum also requires close attention and participation specialist. The main thing – it's timely repair washing machines.

Rusher Crowd

Yes, the idea is good, but you run the risk of sitting in one place, be cut knayferom. It should also be realistically evaluate your ability to shoot with different weapons, sitting with Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol (TMP), I doubt that you will pass it quickly, since the accuracy of the shot her only from the first cartridge and the distance is not very large. It must be remembered that the usual gg chaotic maps and symmetrical, approach any player can be virtually any angle. If you are not psychic you can not predict which side will climb players. Typically, card is viewed from the top of the points, and always well Camper can be seen. Rats – players who prefer to run around the crowd and shoot the floor of enemies killed.

Not seldom jump out of the crowd, which would be cut, while others shoot. Sometimes they are in the early rounds can be obtained advantage due to the knife, but keep the championship, they can not. Players of this type normally do not like, hence the name of the type of game. Crazy Rusher – players rushing at breakneck speed, despite the sides and trying to shoot everything moving, but as a rule on this is not enough skill. However, lack of skill, players of this type with ease compensate walking crowd. Even walking the crowd does not protect against knayferov and rats.

Cut these players is easy, as they crammed into one side, despite what is happening on the sides and rear. By the end of the card usually hold the middle position. Classic style – players methodically bypass map, viewing angles and crevices, killing Campers and rats. Usually possess a high level of skill. Not rarely use a knife, mostly with a successful outcome. Able to read a map and assess the situation where you need to go, but where is meaningless. Usually occupy the first position. These are the basic types of games on the gg, but it does not mean that all are just as described. Usually combine several types of games.


There are also brewed versions with nuts. On the maintainability of such structures we keep silent. As you can see, this method of fixing is a clear waste of time, and the cost of this compound is very high, even without spent on him man-hours. The second common way – it's mount deck "roof" self-tapping screws, hex. It has its drawbacks. In addition to pre-drill a screw himself have also countersink the hole to hide protruding above the surface of the head.

In the future location of the attachment must caulk mastic for waterproofing and to bring the look of the order. If you do not, there quickly accumulates dirt and moisture. The result – a fixture rot! There are also other indigestible in one respect or another mounting options. For example, "furniture" with a flat head screw, which, though rounded, but still above the floor level, without disturbing operation. It would seem that you can use the usual self-drilling screw but at the moment when the drill, having a layer of the tree begins to drill the metal – progressive speed drops and climbs on deck carving, coloring mercilessly.

In order to avoid this company SFSintec self-drilling screw specially created for attaching wood to metal. On either side of him gnawing the tip are "Ears" that are pre-milling from the tree channel diameter exceeds the diameter of the "body" screw. This design allows not only to avoid raising the flooring material for carving, but also serves another important function. Clearance around fasteners – tree leaves can freely expand and shrink, not a "shaking" while tapping. This eliminates the unnecessary load on the cut, to avoid breaking of the process and samovyvorachivaniya operation. We must also mention that the fastener head when properly installed sits flush with the deck. But the main advantage of this system is that the entire assembly is performed in one step and takes seconds! Installation tool, developed by SFSintec, a device for holding and centering stud, and properly fitted the power and speed, provide optimal drilling and thread formation in the metal frame. In addition, the creators have taken care of that adjustment can be set the desired depth of drowning head! Thus, thanks to the mounting tool of metiz + SFSintec fixing flooring is right "to finishing", requiring no additional work! One person collects freely flooring, and installation time while decreasing! Accordingly, increasing the output per unit area, and this is a substantial savings – a profit! The Swiss company SFSintec offers more than just fixing a high level, it offers full, turnkey solutions, with proven technology and quality assurance, which is not will vary from delivery to delivery. This is possible because the company SFS are located in Europe and all our production is strictly controlled at all stages of production. The key to quality in this is the service. Employees do not just pick up your right to a particular node attachment point, but if necessary, help you set up the loading equipment on the spot. Of course, always it is possible to use available metiz of Southeast Asia, but who asks will be responsible for build quality, if a van or trailer will "crumble" and a half – two years? Producer! And what a serious enterprise risk their reputation and to hear the unflattering feedback on their products?

Company Venta Inc Shows

Fort Worth, Texas (March 23, 2010) – ‘Venta Inc.’, distributor of the all-electric car ‘Tazzari ZERO’, in partnership with ‘EVCARCO’ and ‘Verdek-EV’, today announced the successful completion of the next phase of its national plan launch Product – testing and certification of the electric group of technical experts of the highest rank, representing NASA. Designed in Imola, Italy, ‘Tazzari ZERO’ designed from the outset as an electric with high performance. This is a real fusion of form and function in its most practical format for use as a two-seater sports car, does not emit harmful pollutants. ‘The idea is to bring ‘Tazzari’ to the American market through a formula that emphasizes the highest quality inherent in this car “- said Dmitry emboss, CEO ‘Venta’. “We first wanted her technology was evaluated at NASA, or just after, because of its exclusivity and to the perfect satisfaction of its owner, the electric car would get into the arms of Hollywood. This ‘Tazzari’ has already attracted the attention of celebrities and fast becoming the trendy cars in all circles of Hollywood as well as major means of advertising, creating buzz for an experimental trip of this vehicle. After enthusiastic reviews of many of NASA, the next stop for ‘Tazzari ZERO’ to New York and then Los Angeles with the simultaneous promotion of a product in a major advertising media. This car leaves an indelible impression on everyone who drives this car, or even see him first. The team dealing with his promotion, also intends to inform the public and the media that this product is something quite unusual and is available today.

South Africa

By the way, the elephants in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa have learned to get clean water even from polluted water. Read about it on Global sea levels rising faster than previously predicted Professor at the University of Colorado Konrad Steffen, who has over 35 years has been studying the Arctic ice, said that sea level rise by 2100 by about 1 meter. Thus, due to global climate change, especially fast-moving in the polar regions, and because of melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, the level of world Ocean rises faster than previously predicted. These effects of rapid rise in global sea level will be critical for the millions of people on the planet due to the fact that more than half a billion people living in areas, which in future could be flooded. Shells of marine microorganisms are thinning due to global increase in the acidity of seas and oceans because of the global increase in the acidity of sea water sinks marine organisms that inhabit the surface waters of the ocean, no longer able to build their shells to the wall of the same thickness as in the preindustrial era. And this in turn may reduce the ability of oceans to absorb carbon dioxide, and lead to further disruption of ecosystems of the seas and oceans.

With each year due to increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, increasing its capacity to dissolve seawater, forming carbonic acid, which binds calcium which is in it, resulting in an increase in ocean acidity. Reduced ability of the world ocean to absorb carbon dioxide can also affect All animals in the seas and oceans, because organisms foraminifera are one of the main links of the ocean food chain. Scientists have invented an original method of accumulation of solar and wind energy researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented an unusual electrochemical battery that can supply the energy the whole city. Such energy storage is already set up before, though they do not yet too many, such as for pumped storage plants need a large space, and it can not build everywhere. Another way of storing energy – conversion of wind energy into hydrogen, which serves as a temporary store electricity. <

Flash Jump

That is where some 50-80 degrees. Roughly speaking, almost to the sky. The second type. Throws up a player from the ground, is done similarly. Problem Player jumping jump seating, as well as in the Sky Jump, but still press ctrl (crouch) to make it easier to get flash.

Sitting makes all the same. Flash Boost (Flash Bust) The purpose of this technique is not the height, and distance. That is the same method, but we need to fly away. Done as well as Flash Jump, but the flash throws a smaller angle, and clearly in the heel. On these maps, as trikz_advanced or trikz_2_hard there are places where flash is very powerful boost needed. The player jumps dominant, but the one who throws the stick must run up, jump up on the run and throw the stick. That is, the flesh turns a very strong rate, which is transmitted to the player. Well, the task of flying the player will surely set speed with Weave (waves).

This can be seen in articles about how to make a bunny hop. Briefly I will say that a set of speed is due to a combination of mouse movements to the side and pressed the motion to the side. Mega (Mega) thing is pretty professional. This flash Jam off the ground, but at very high altitudes. Done the same way as flash jump, but the player sitting first bounce, and then throws a flush. Jump over a player must always tends to jump partner, and not to jump on him. Must press ctrl (crouch) to his friend did not hit his head and has not turned Sky Jump. Stick to throw into the sky vertically. 80-90 degrees. This trick requires a lot of practice. But if want, then you will succeed! x2 x3 x4 and so on. This is actually overclocking with flashcards. That is, one player sits with flash, second it jumps, flies in the air makes a loop to land on his partner and companion is already sitting the second, third stick at the ready and throws again and again. This technique is used to map trikz_revolution. Server, where you can practice off bhop / trikz server (mpBhops + Timer /! Trikz): Any questions you can ask on the forum or on the server. Always will be glad to help you. I wish you success in mastering trikz! nyf-nyf aka If?

The Case

The problem of "prolonged jump" For most it companies, long-term "classic" consulting projects are the limiting factor in the process of making quality of process changes. it departments, and so are forced to constantly react to new technologies, the changing business conditions, changes in legislation and increasing demands for quality developed and introduced information systems. Problematic in terms of it consulting services are also the companies and divisions that have a negative experience with consulting firms. To deepen your understanding Peter Thiel is the source. Repeated "campaign for improvements in" hard to not only initiate, but also to organize and complete, especially in a situation where at the end of the previous failure of the project was not carried out a detailed "debriefing" and were not the causes of failures. One way or another, but all the changes relate directly to people on the ground that, having behind them a negative experience of large-scale projects, no longer believe in the result. However, without the support of these people, as well as free expression of political will of the leadership, any consulting project can not end successfully. Read more from Naveen Selvadurai to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The only sure way that will change the situation, is an iterative design and produce tangible results as soon as possible.

The bottom line today – that's what the goal is put for most modern consulting projects. So tangible practical results in the case of process automation of an information system are implemented and operating software automation. Skeptics are sure to have expressed doubts as to whether something can be done more quickly, cheaply and at the same time qualitatively.


– Looks like the orcs in the forest – said Denon. – Yes, similar to the one – I agree with him. Suddenly we heard the heartbreaking human cry. -It the other soldiers, had passed in our minds, and we fled to cry. We ran straight to cry, but he just moved away from us. Then he fell silent scream But we continued to run forward until he ran into another edge, where we saw a similar picture. There have been all the other five soldiers. But one soldier was still alive, and from his belly protruding blade.

I went to him and squatted down, he was still breathing, but he was no longer a tenant. He was breathing heavily and I was trying to say something like Suddenly, there was a terrible hiss. – Lie down and shouted, general and knocked me down. Already on the ground I realized what was happening: flying arrows everywhere, the soldiers did not manage to escape and were already dead, suddenly, 'flow' arrows had stopped and the second in forest dead silence, but then came a clatter and cries of the orcs, they fled on all sides to us. We are a general jumped to their feet and prepared for battle. Orcs were already there. In my thoughts I have already said goodbye to all, as the two of us against so many orcs had no chance to resist. I picked up the sword of the deceased soldier, took his, and wore a shield on his back and stood in a rack.

Evaluation Learning

We now know that formal education is a complex phenomenon involving many interconnected elements within and outside educational institutions. In the evaluation processes become extremely important as they define the structure and dynamics that they present at all levels, with the assessment of learning, a constant of institutional life. From a strictly administrative point of view, but with profound implications, teachers are forced as part of their teaching, to undertake assessments to students with the intent to deliver accounts to the institution, about the rate of approval and disapproval of a course. The forms of carrying out this procedure are diverse in nature, but they all inevitably opting the idea of accreditation. Unfortunately, this view is so widespread, that the students themselves have taken as part of their identity, seriously impacting their academic performance, that is, throughout his career student, have been shown assessment of their learning as a synonym for qualifying and the primary objective of the educational process, then then, their efforts are aimed to establish the field, without necessarily involving a true learning. We believe that this phenomenon so common in most schools, has its origins largely in the type of assessment is implemented, the concept we have of it and above all, the way it is presented to students . So, if you opt for an assessment based on certain instruments account of final products as a reflection of learning and tell the students that they will be determined according to their grade, then students would promote the type of misconduct that override any educational process.