Pressing Mixing

When kneading pasta dough in the flour, add much less water than other types of preparation for the test, such as bread. The finished pasta dough has kroshkoobraznuyu structure and only in the further compression is converted into a homogeneous mass which is suitable for mixing ingredients and formirovaniya.Dozirovanie dough mixing ingredients, or – batch, is testosmesitelyah in continuous operation, members of the press. Flour and water in mixer, flow through feeders, which are configured to work in certain doses, according to the recipe. There odnokorytnye mixers and mnogokorytnye, depending on the technology. When making dough from semolina requires a longer mixing, than powdered flour, because the penetration of moisture inside the larger fractions is longer. Movie Star is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Therefore, mixing should take about 20 minutes. This requires a system mnogobunkernaya mixing. For mixing powdered flour only one bunker, over time, mixing about 10 minutes. Flour mukosmesitel water, is fed by means of continuous dosing. According to the principle of action, dosing can be bulky and weight. In foreign equipment commonly use a rotary feeder or volumetric dosing screw feeder. Sealing and molding dough.

In modern pasta factories seal the dough and molding is to screw pasta presses. They differ in the number of troughs (one-, two-, three-, and chetyrehkorytnye), the number of the pressing device and form a matrix (round and rectangular). Flour and water continuous flow coming into the inlet mixer and picked up shovels mesilok. Pereshivaya, dough, gradually moves to the opposite end of the trough, which is already ready, kroshkoobraznoe dough. Through the entry hole at the auger enters the pressing device. When it moves to the rotation of the dough press-head. Dough compacted into a dense mass of the test, and molding a matrix, it leaves them in the form of pasta. The pressing and forming a viscous, dense dough, dough temperature rises. To prevent overheating the test, the pressing device in a shirt, give cool water.