Reto Jaeggi

With Enomic calculation as calculation tool Entris got a scalable and flexible customizable pricing tool”, so j. The calculation of products, projects and costs has become easier and more precise.” MS Excel was very error-prone and in everyday unworkable in the past including the rebates to customers and the combinations of the over 500 service products have heavy block pricing. MS Excel, which however was very error-prone and impractical in everyday life for the extensive costing served previously as a tool. The one because the spreadsheet access to an employee is limited, although several users need to edit the Excel sheet at the same time. On the other hand, the work and the changes of the different employees using the spreadsheet were not transparently documented. The sequence were creeping up errors like for example incorrect figures due to incorrect links. In these cases the main Excel file could be restored from the backup copy.

However, the question remained then about the status of this version of the file. Often had to changes be entered again manually, because the updates of over the past hours in the backup copy is not taken into account. A further error stove often was the merging of data from Excel, Word, and ERP. The calculation data for the calculation had to be regularly imported from ERP inventory system. The file was not automatically connect about macros, to automatically import the numbers for pricing.

The manual import was time consuming and often imperceptibly destroyed the links, the format requirements or the layout in table cells. Also the development of products and their pricing with considerable effort and corrections was connected with this way of calculation with Excel. As well a few months ago, a comprehensive System migration was imminent and that over 500 products should be newly assembled and recalculated in terms of prices and costs, the consistent decision: an essential pricing tool should be introduced and optimize the entire spreadsheet. Pricing procedures facilitate pricing with Enomic calculation is now a comprehensive spreadsheet solution available Entris banking. So the software covers every service performance in terms of their cost and calculated as a product in its price with different factors depending on the combination and composition with other services. Here, marlon brando expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition, additional costs as calculation data are deposited, which are taken into account in the pricing of the products as supplements. The same applies for rebates to customers, which are deposited as a model, so that they are available for pricing as discounts available. The basis of this calculation are as different deposited pricing procedures that facilitate managing and the handling of the cost estimate. In addition, she works Costing at first as a simulation, so that she can be examined only extensively before it actually comes to the application. In this way Entris banking can easily calculate new products and introduce faster”, the former product manager Reto Jaeggi is pleased looking back. “Another advantage: the entire data maintenance can Entris automatically assume, without being dependent on the support of the Software House.” Controlling and marketing get targeted reporting about customers and products. These business reports are generated directly from the present data and thus reflect a current picture. On this basis, the company can determine now still more meaningful key performance indicators and make more informed decisions. Conclusion Entris banking awarded Enomic calculation a central tool for the reliable calculation of its proven individual calculation scheme. After the implementation period of only three months, showed that the precise and fast calculation reliable Ensures results in dramatically reduced time. More information at