Revision Of The Founding Grant

Concrete assistance – in particular in the business plan for new regulation of the founding grant for the unemployed the founding grant may be requested from the employment agency, if still at least 150 days of residual claim for unemployment benefit besteht(SGB III). The grant for 6 months and an additional 300,–euros for the social protection may be requested in the amount of the unemployment benefit. For a further nine months, the amount may be requested again by 300,–EUR per month. More demanding requirements of the future entrepreneur has to prove that his self-employment is sustainable and whether it meets the personal requirements of future successful carrier. If this is not the case, the ARGE may require the participation of appropriate measures.

For this purpose the expert opinion evidence. This was extended to some points. In particular some personality traits have been included in the certificate. The questions were demanding after the load-bearing capacity. Conclusion the expert Opinion can only be granted provided that is to refer to the business plan the load-bearing capacity and identified the personality traits of the founder in a workshop. Because only if the consultant is also really worked with the founder, he can analyze the structure of personality and determine. Also the approval of the Grundercoachings (subsidy for the consulting fee by 90%) depends on the approval of the Foundation grant.

The founder is too often left alone with our business plan and pointed out various instruments (checklists, Internet, software, etc.). Concrete assistance for the entrepreneur Tanja Ebbing, trained SMEs consultant business offered concrete help. Methodically through their consulting modules she developed the business plan together with the founder. It is the product or the service, concretized, made the targeting, analyzed the competitors as well as the personal strengths and weaknesses and the unique selling proposition of the founder. Based on which is realistic revenue and costs calculated, and created the profitability calculation for the planning year. Finally, the capacity can be calculated on the basis of private income and expenditure situation. The final report of the founding consultant Tanja Ebbing finally is the business plan of the founder of existence. Only now the Consortium can be answered the many questions of the new form. Because the consultant Tanja Ebbing is authorized, she may then grant the expert opinion. How can this before founding advice be financed? There is the possibility to apply for grants for the prior start-up consultancy amounting to 400 for maximum 5 days of consultants. Love, your questions are answered personally. contact telephone 06655 / 919090 or email us with us link. For more information,