Software Data

The program has that to be capable to manage given of physical and legal people, vehicles, semitrailers, products, order, programmings of withdrawals and to have that to emit the orders of collection and, mainly, the Road Bill of landing and Cargas (CTRC). The present work it will have two chapters. Chapter I approaches the importance of the road transport in Brazil, and as the company intends to act in this market. They are cited diverse softwares that they present similar characteristics to the present software of the work. This chapter approaches the Engineering of Software and its processes that assist the desenvolvedores of software.

In it also he is described the tools necessary to codify software – the Basic.Net Appearance (VB.Net) and the PostgreSQL – beyond the importance of the Gerenciador System of Bank of Dados (SGBD) and of language SQL (Structured Query Language). Chapter II approaches the development of software. The project is presented, where it is defined what it is the system, which tools will be necessary for its development, the participants and all the stages of the same. The survey of requirements presents the necessary data for the harvested functioning of software next to the company, thus also as the business rules that conduct the system. The Diagram of Entity and Relationship (TO GIVE) demonstrates all tables that compose the system, with its fields, types of data, restrictions and relationship. The Diagram of Flow of Dados (DFD) presents a vision in high level of the flow of the data for the system, with a more detailed DFD of the module of the CTRC. The implementation explains the codification of the system, approaching the division of the system in layers through the functions of the bank (serving layer), of the classrooms (layer business-oriented) and of the modules (layer customer). The tests describe as the program was tested. ormation. The implantation approaches the system functioning in the company, as the delivery of the manual to the responsible ones for software in the same one.