Software Processing

Comprehensive guide outlines the typical problems in the software development and describes ways of ohringen, September 24, 2008 – the software company piTop has published a comprehensive guidance document on the topic of software processing. This free practice aid deals with the typical problems in the development of applications and above all refer to the optimization and solution. The findings of an in-house study, according to which the introduction of newly developed or modified applications to 61 percent often inconsistencies are detected, if they move to the practical conditions are background. At the same time is commonly found (57 percent), having that software deficiencies in their ability to integrate. Also the testing procedures prove in every second case unnecessary complicated.

In addition, that 46 percent of the companies surveyed again and again must determine that the development of applications does not the demands of the revision. Half of the respondents fall this for troubleshooting Problems again over 15 per cent of the actual development map. In every fifth case even the required additional services are on average over 20 percent. As typical causes for the elaborate finishing, two-thirds of the companies call especially poor software management with inadequate documentation. Not much better is the situation when the processes in software development. They are called non-transparent by 58 percent. In total, these problems that an extensive repair becomes necessary lead. The result of the study didn’t surprise me.

Rather, it confirms my almost 30 years experience in the development and maintenance of a system for managing application software. If not critical controls against the increasing complexity of IT solutions, these problems will worsen sharply”, judge Fritz Gebert, Managing Director of Gebert Software GmbH. The solution has now developed his team and offers about new Company was founded, the piTop software processing GmbH & Co KG in. This solution is based on the approach of software processing, so on a slender and continuous process of software development, covering also the organisational requirements. The software processing is manifested by an active tool in the user-specific development tools are integrated and that all steps in an intuitive-to-use interface together. Because the basic idea of software processing aims, firstly, to streamline the entire development process and secondly to reduce the error rate significantly”, he explains. PiTop’s nine-page guide can be ordered free of charge at.