Steel Door

Any steel door, regardless of the brand from the manufacturer, by country, by other characteristics, has the basic structural units. Carrier konstruktsiyZamkovaya sistemFurnitura By Carrier design involves direct itself a steel door. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Thiel. In turn, this design can be divided into several elements. Distinguish such components supporting structure, as the door leaf and door frame, which are interconnected by one of the types of hardware – door hinges. Cloth steel door is a parallelepiped whose faces are made of steel sheets. Inside this volume figure in the grid welded stiffeners.

Reinforcement is a steel beam. Most often they are arranged vertically through the entire length of box steel doors, and between them are welded low horizontal edges. Their function is not to allow the door to cave inward. In addition to ribs, steel doors have a certain kind of content: corrugated honeycomb, rock wool, polystyrene, foamed polyurethane, penopropilenovye plate. In particular, such as mineral wool filling is a more expensive option, but in turn it gives the steel door soundproofing, thermal insulation. Filling a steel door mineral wool may be on the perimeter (as well as around the eye, handles, locking system), or the whole area of the door frame.

The canvas element is movable steel door. Box steel door is a frame around the leaf. There are various ways to mount the box a steel door in the door: by using foam, by means of anchor bolts with pin bay. At first glance, the most important design element is a blade of steel doors, but the door box, too, is of great importance for the whole door as a whole.