Lovers miss a glass of moonshine donate! Let him try our, bread Brazhko:) engaged in collecting many – find that collect your wealth! For example, a typewriter! Then a good gift would be not just radio-controlled machine, a copy of an old car with a steam engine! Remember, the school teacher told us about the great steam trains? Imagine that the technology reached the point that a train reduced to miniature proportions! Of course, the model can move and if you want you can attach a radio control. Many rich people like to arrange with friends or business colleagues competition for radio controlled cars! Give SUV which has controlled this fuel and accelerates better than this car! A win with a "race" and then divide. And if you do not mind the money – buy locomotive collection! The steam engine works by making a very realistic picture of the engine and is difficult to distinguish from the real, if not size! This gift looks very nice and decent! You are no doubt gladden the oligarch-man! A woman is better to give something more sublime, beautiful and romantic! The best gift – a salute of butterflies! Butterflies, vyporhnuv of gift boxes, shock and fascinate! You do not just surprise such a gift, and the hit to the heart! Yet everything girls like flowers! A little more to please – order flowers with the inscription! On each petal are your wishes and compliments. The larger the bouquet – the more complements, and the brighter will shine eye girl! Go to a flea market or show hand-made (exclusive products, hand made).