Tertiary Activities

For in such a way the commerce it was occupying new territorialities inside of the city of the Christmas. Amongst these new busy spaces for the commerce we can cite the long avenues that cut to all the city as it is the case of the Hermes Avenue of the Fonseca, Cautious Moral Avenue, Avenue Romualdo Galvo etc. Concerning these avenues Gomes (2002, P. 294) affirm that these express ways of circulation, given name the long avenues above cited, are preferential spaces for the tertiary sector, and that in them if they find the great investments and enterprises of this sector. It is important to stand out that these new spaces of occupation of the commerce are not chosen of random form, one time that if makes necessary that it has consuming public that contributes for the reproduction of the capital, that consequently will contribute for the reproduction of new espacialidades. Concerning this Gomes (2002, p.294) it affirms that This new espacialidade, or relocalizao, does not occur in spontaneous way or exactly by chance. Wisely, the private investments are installed in these ways, since in entorno of each one of them a great population contingent exists that if becomes consumer of the tertiary activities, guaranteeing, thus, the reproduction of the capital.

Moreover, it is important to stand out that these ways are facilitadoras of the intense flow of population that if dislocates for the diverse passages of the city. These new territorialities present distinct characteristics of the joined ones in the first quarters of Christmas, although all they to have as main economic activity the commerce, the express difference if mainly with respect to the type of the commercial activity of each one of these. The new commercial centers have presented one strong trend for the more modern tertiary activities, with Shopping Centers, peddlers of automobiles, store of conveniences, beyond lenders of services as it is the case of the bars, restaurants and hotels, private, clinical schools and particular hospitals.