The Paint

Retrieved finish is like passing a comb over with abundant paint brush. The method is very simple and easy to make. You need a base of paint any color and can splash back with the same color or contrast with a different one. Henry Alexander Swieca can aid you in your search for knowledge. Gotele is a technical that water is done with paint or plastic mechanically on walls or ceilings. A finish is achieved with an effect in relief in the form of small droplets.

Marbled this technique is to get a finish that resembles marble. It is very labor-intensive, but the end result worth the effort. You must first apply a coat of paint in a plain color, before wiping dry a cloth so that the paint is not uniform, and then, with a finite brush draw irregular lines similar to veins of marble. /a> may help you with your research. Once carried out the lines they fade with a brush. Coated does not apply a paint, but a paste of lime and powdered marble. Used for the decoration of the walls and the final finish should varnishing with turpentine or wax. Lacquer with lacquer or enamel varnish is applied to walls or furniture, achieving a finish smooth and soft to the touch. Totally smooth surfaces is required to be able to apply it.

Generalemtne, is suitable to apply previously a coat of plaster or plastic fillings. Crackled with this technique we get a finish with effect of cracked and uneven. You get this finish by mixing powder chalk and acrylic paint. You patinas performed on smooth walls and the finish is an optical effect of water and can achieve up to imitations of marbled. Scattered with this technique we can print drawings, prints, etc. on the wall or furniture. Is performed through a veneer mould trimmed with the figure to be affixed on the surface, then applies the paint; mold is carefully removed and displayed the decoration. Blur generally professionals perform it because a gun that degrades the color from a peak intensity until a very soft tone is required for its realization.