The Proper Function Of Partners At The Martial Arts

I would like to draw the attention of all people practicing Aikido on one of the most important issues, from a proper understanding of which depends on the speed and quality of the learning process – how to behave as a man, which worked through technology? One of the main terms of productive work in training – the level of Uke should not be below the level of Sita. Otherwise, Uke can greatly hinder the learning process Cite or, worse yet, will introduce Cite misleading. The main role of uke in training – properly aware of the problem Cite at this stage and help address these challenges. If Sita is working on one specific technique – Uke must attack every time one of the only concrete way, which is designed specifically worked through technology. And to do it but it should be done every time the first time in his life – each time forgetting that the last time he was very painful and greatly decrease. I Uke, in this case – one task – to attack, not knowing what will happen next. Ironically, it is very difficult.

We examine several variants of the technique, and for a better understanding of the Uke's start from more advanced levels and will go to a less than perfect: The first embodiment of the technology – to attack Sita, he executes the technique. In this situation of Uke does not require any understanding of the Cite. He should strongly swearing, biting, to resist and be sure to try to get Sita in the face, and preferably a foot. The second embodiment of the technology – Cite improving already well studied technique. His task in this case may include: adherence to and use of basic technical principles, work on cleanliness performance, work on speed, work on endurance and many other zadachi.Uke need to know to solve any specific problems Cite works and should give him the opportunity to experience their mistakes – correctly selected the response time, loss of central line, the lack of focused power, and so on. In short – do not throw – not falling, not beat – not blocked, not blocked – Bey, do not lead – do not go. Again, one must understand that complicate the task of Cite should gradually so that he could cope with it, but do not succumb to it, and forced to work at the limit. Everything is cleaner and cleaner, faster and faster, heavier and heavier, more and more. A third embodiment of the technology – performance during the study. When Sita yet he really does not know which foot to go and how there right hands to do, Uke should make every efforts to help make the Cite and memorize the correct movements – to detain him if he moves incorrectly, go to where it should hold Sita, to accompany and monitor his every move. By following these recommendations, Uke, even providing a reasonable resistance to the implementation of technology, will never offer resistance to the learning process, in which, in fact, is partnered Sita and uke in training.