This Program

(Statute of the Child and of Adolescent, Law n 8,069, of 13 of July of 1990). The theoretical basement of this program is the Report of the UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for century XXI, Education a treasure to discover (1996) co-ordinated for Jacques Delors who sees the education appearing with one trunfo indispensable to the humanity in its contribution of the ideals of the peace, of the freedom and social justice. Thus, in accordance with this Commission, the education has an essential paper in the continuous development, as much of the people, how much of the society and if it supports in the following pillars: to learn to know; to learn to make; to learn to live together and to learn to be. The Program New Olmpica Mines Generation is in vigor in the state of Minas Gerais since January of 1999 and comes to the few increasing them would seem the interested municipal city halls and creating some nuclei in the state. In the year of beginning of the Program they were 86 nuclei, currently are more than 250. In these nuclei 30,000 educandos are taken care of approximately. Amongst cities conveniados with the Government of the State of Minas Gerais for development of the Program, meet Teixeiras, city located in the zone of the mining bush, with a population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants. This Program is in vigor in this city, since the year of 2006.

Teixeiras is a city that possesss few cultural equipment and spaces for the practical one of sports. Thus, the Program if presents, in municipal level, as an alternative for the oferecimento the students of esportivas activities and leisure that can collaborate with the development of the same ones. The Program in Teixeiras/MG has its physical base in a state public school, which functions in integral time, but is co-ordinated by the City department of Social Assistance.