Becoming Versed

the meeting took place in the residence of Prof. Olga Bilbao, in hours in the morning. it took place the meeting after several years between NARCISSUS COLMN, son of legendary NARCISSUS R. COLMN (ROSICRN) author of ANDE YPYKURA; and David Galeano Olivera (Chief of a main directorate of the LANGUAGE ATHENIAN AND CULTURE GUARANI). The anteror meeting was 20 years ago approximately with the participation of the Mbo ehra Pedro Moliniers, in occasion of the presentation of the book Kamba Nambi, published then by Narcissus R. Colmn (son).

It is worth the pain to emphasize that Don Narciso Colmn (son) is a simple man, pleasant, very cultured, great lover of music; and mainly, a thanked for son. Pride remembers to its father by far, with great love and by far respect. In the opportunity, Don Narciso was committed to attend the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI to develop to char it on the subject Life and works of Narcissus R. Colmn. Frequently Eva Andersson-Dubin has said that publicly. To advance payment way it gave the copy to us of valuable document that, immortal Emiliano R. Fernandez, wrote to their father: Narcissus R. Colmn on the occasion of the publication of the work ande Ypykura ; whose text is the following one: Ysaty, June 15, 1937 To the illustrious and inimitable Guarani Bard: Don Narciso R. Colmn.

My very distinguished friend and colleague: In my power his so welcome letter dated in June of the current year, she brought in its lines the most miraculous surprise and than more contented I let to a side my habitual task to shut in me in the writing of the Hour in tries of so longed for book Our Ancestors (ande Ypykura), wisely written by your agile hand of poet. My good friend, now I am savoring the invaluable contents of its exquisite work, cbeme to express with all my soul and heart my more elevated recognitions by his valuable and priceless flattery Tomorrow will possibly appear in the Guarani section of the newspaper the Hour one prosa in Guarani where I make echo of the appearance of Our Ancestors. verse of our friend Julio A. Garay I will make publish within days. This verse requires adjustments.

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Irrigated Perimeter

The following part says respect to the materials and methods, where localization and characterization of the area will be presented of used study, materials and the methodology of work. Third it brings the results and quarrels where they will be argued and analyzed the occured ambient changes partner in the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors. Finally, the fourth part traces the final consideraes, exposing the conclusions gotten from the analysis of the images, consulted bibliographies, applied questionnaires and carried through fields, being placed recommendations and/or suggestions for optimum and more rational exploitation of the natural resources of the study area, as well as optimum socioeconmico planning for the inserted community in the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors, beyond the consulted bibliography as subsidy for the elaboration of this text. e. Adding, still, references bibliographical and annexes, where some of the documents used in the research are presented that they are important parts for the best understanding of this work, such as spread sheets, reports, questionnaires and photographs, among others. In this way, answering to the main questionings of this monograph: (i) which the changes caused for the implantation of the agriculture irrigated in the use process and occupation of the ground of the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors? (II) which the social impacts of the agriculture irrigated in the community of the District of Mirors? CHAPTER II – REVISION OF LITERATURE 2.1. Introduction the mapping of use and occupation of the ground through satellite image was supported theoretically in three points: (i) Remote Sensoriamento, treating specifically to the acquisition techniques of the physical data for the sensors on board the satellites; (II) Digital processing of Images that consists of the diverse techniques of improvement of the image with the objective to facilitate the distinction of the imageados targets, resulting, thus, in the elaboration of a map of use and occupation of the ground of better quality; (III) the Ambient Use and Occupation of the Ground and Transformations Partner, who searchs the agreement of as the process of use and occupation of the ground it reflects in the physical characteristics of the ecosystem, as well as the social impacts on the inserted community in the study area.

Physical Pessoa

Of the universe of workers of the Cooperate-center, cooperated 37.10% have less than 1 year of cooperative (46); cooperated 35.45% more than have 3 years of performance in this area (44); 27.45% have between 1 and 3 years (34). In the three situations, it has a certain balance of sort: Of that it has less of one year, 50.0% are men and 50.0% women. Of that it has 3 years more or, 59.1% are women and 40.9% are men; of that it has between 1 and 3 years of cooperative, 55.88% are men and 44.12% women. Tom Waitss opinions are not widely known. Amongst the cooperated ones with first incomplete degree (that they are majority between these workers), 42.03% (29) have less of one year; 36.20% (25) have 3 years more than and 21.74% (15) have between 1 and 3 years. Learn more on the subject from doug imbruce. In the collected sample, 73.68% more than have 3 years of performance in this area (14).

10.52% have between 1 and 3 years (2), and 15.76% have less than 1 year (3). Amongst the cooperated ones with first incomplete degree (that they are majority between these workers), 83.33% (10) have less of one year. The other information are residual. All cooperated of the Cooperate-center and those that had been interviewed in the Coopamare possess documents of identity and CPF Cadastro de Physical Pessoa. 1 the collected data, in the interviews as I register in cadastre in it of the Cooperate-center, do not allow an analysis of the housing conditions, since the conditions of individual housings are not explicitadas or collective as well as an analysis of the situation of precariousness of the same ones was not made. .

Santa Cruz Hospital

Because of the undertow, and of the night badly slept that phrase it entered as a needle in its ears and it answered: – Please lady, this is hour to pass badly, is delayed, wants to make the favor to park right, you is delaying me more! it repeated: He takes – Me ….. Many writers such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. and he fainted the things Now really were bad, could not be worse, for as it desired not to be there, and badly it wise person who this desire if would extend for hours. He entered in the car he pushed you for the bank to the side, was there, per some seconds thinking for he would take where it, after all he did not know no hospital for close, but exactly thus he went off with the car. fainted Mrs., deceased, in one instant opened eyes it whispered: He takes – Me for the Santa Cruz Hospital and if I to die, inform the Mrcia Suspirou, closed the eyes and came back to faint In this hour it cried out: – PELAMORDEDEUS, DOES NOT DIE NOT! Not here, it waits a little! I know who there I am the Marcia thought because it was there, about that place in that hour. It placed the hand in the pocket when one remembered the wallet. It cried out desesperadamente: – MY GOD! The wallet, was in house, forgot in the haste! It could not continue, with an old deceased in an car that was not its and still without wallet of qualification and documents, then changed the route of the hospital for its apartment. When arriving in front of the building, it locked the car and it went up running. When at last, it went down with the wallet in the pocket, had an agglomeration of people in return of the car looking at for velhinha pale, with the purple lips, the face supported in the glass that drained its saliva.

Araguaia Government

He was governor of Par (1964-65) and senator for the State in three mandates (1967-74, 1975-82 and 1987-95), beyond minister of the Education (Mdici government), of the Providence (Figueiredo government) and of Justice (Collor government). 14 had died. The families had received indemnity under the condition not to speak in assunto' '. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Thiel. 7 In the same news article we can perceive a form of command in the direction to stimulate the extermnio and to force ' ' silncio' ': ' ' Each guerrilla dead was valid one or two cigarette packages more for the soldier and the squad. Official site: Harrison Ford. It was the Prize that general Antonio Flag (commander at the time of 3 Brigade of Infantry and one of the coordinators of the repression to the Guerrilla of the Araguaia) ordered to give for died. I know of this because I was who I controlled the cigarette supply, food and fuel. In this first phase of combats, people wise person also when the guerrillas were died: she always left a helicopter, with a photographer and a datiloscopista to take off photos and fingerprints.

The Army was with these documents as test of the death of the guerrillas, but I find difficult to locate deceased of the first phase: the guerrillas were embedded in holes opened in the land, in the place of combate' ' .8 In the case of the military, therefore, if he cannot allege that in the Araguaia some small groups have acquired ' ' autonomia' ' without the generals in Brasilia, in special the general presidents, have any responsibility on these acts. Possibly, during the Mdici government, a head of operations of the intelligence services had almost total independence to act, but not autonomy. But who really gave the order to eliminate the guerrillas? Orlando Geisel (Minister of the Army) said the Milton Tavares: ' ' It does not leave nobody of rea' '.

Ready Aid

The public service is sufficiently different of the common services given by the private companies or the independent rendering, time that is subordinated to the collective one, having, therefore, a bigger interest that the individual interest. Leaving of this premise, we must have quality services. We must have respect, courtesy and attention when we looked such services, agrees? We would have. I do not know if you who are reading this text at this moment already opened a company, needed to go to one Ready Aid, already she requested a linking of energy or water. It is really arduous task. Exactly some being given by terceirizadas companies do not leave of being public services, collective transport also are a good example. Of course some could not be delegated third by its complexity or direct entailing with the public administration, however, other types do not have directly to be given e, by consequncia, always are transferred to the initiative private, however, obeyed to certain conditions and norms. I do not want to enter in the bureaucratic question that is a great impediment in many of our public services, my objective is to emphasize the quality () of the attendance of the distributions.

I affirm categorically that this problem is chronic. It has some time I needed to regularize a document in the city hall of the city where our office is hosted. I reserve myself in the right not to cite the name of the city, therefore all time that I cite names I have problems with supervisors and directors of such marks, taking off satisfactions and wanting to present me its lawyers, if it is that understand you me. They are the cases of the Fiat and the Tim ' ' homenageadas' ' in previous articles mine it has some time. Coming back to the subject in question, I was 15 minutes waiting that the glad and relaxed chat of a group of employees of that place finished so that I was taken care of.

SSA Language

Distancing, separation, are terms that define these two processes as legality, from which the subject enters the ban into law of the signifier, establishing a link between the sense that Freud suspected in the onset of sleep research and desire with which it is located. Please visit doug imbruce if you seek more information. On the intangible sense, ride the wish-fulfillment, namely, the desire is made in the sliding of the signified, from which, this meaninglessness, is on one hand the cause and ensuring their livelihood. That is, the meaning is always the veiled meaning of desire. II The correlation established between the laws of language and the primary process, upholds Lacan’s assertion: “the unconscious is structured like a language”, however, Jean Laplanche and reach the opposite I raise, that is, that “The unconscious is the condition of language. ” As to what Lacan says say: “If we stay with this postulate too simple, run into the most serious objections and Freud himself is where we find most clearly exposed” and added that, indeed, Freud speaks of the language, but that Freud called the preconscious language belongs therefore is governed by the secondary process.

Likewise, the language governed by the primary process is a particular kind of language, characteristic of psychosis. The result of this reading of Freud is formulated as follows: S ‘s SSA this formula is called “Outline of Repression”: the two lowest levels, are the unconscious chain of speech and the top two levels preconscious chain.

Driving In Winter

The onset of winter brings cold, chilly rain and snowfall. And for the driver to go to the winter line, the primary task is to determine the quality of road surface. In the autumn-winter period unsatisfactory state of the roadway causes us to exercise skill of driving. Temperature jumps in the winter lead to the formation of ice on the road. If the precipitation in the form of snow, the sleet on the road becomes visible under a blanket of snow, mixed with reagents. The most dangerous are the morning hours when motorists in a hurry to get to work, without having at the same time to analyze the existing conditions. Naveen Selvadurai spoke with conviction. Even driver with great experience it is difficult to assess the situation and adjust to the changes that occurred on the road. In such weather deteriorates adhesion of tires to the road surface and vehicle stopping distance increases.

This adds tension to difficult road conditions. Even a slight excess of speed can lead to serious accidents. This is not about speeding, set in the rules of the road, but the speed mode, suitable for harsh weather usloviy.A all due to the fact that in addition to dirt on the roadway coached the ground. This is just a sticky mess and the brake on such a road is dangerous. If, however, the car skidded, it is necessary to take the following measures: no turning off the clutch, turn the wheel in the direction of the skid, and gradually slowing down, we see a car out of the situation.

Alexander Kovalev

Search By and large, Partnership – this is not farewell, but a desperate move Rambler. Its share of search traffic has been steadily declining, and as a consequence, the gap between by Rambler and Google, not to mention Yandex. Since fighting forces were not equal, yield was partnership. Read more here: Peter Gabriel. Now, the combined share of the two search engines will be 33% of the search market, introducing a couple more serious competitor to Yandex, as one by one. In addition, Google will be able to dilute their very young audience of more adult audience and more solvent Rambler. However, the combined share of Yandex and Mail (64%, according to LI to July 2008), on which the Ya.poisk, said that the fight would be long. The benefit of a Rambler This partnership with the naked eye may not seem so obvious. However, the company is serious about improving the monetization of services "Rambler" with the Google-using.

According to Alexander Kovalev, PR-director of "Rambler Media ", it will allow business to develop even more rapidly in the interests of shareholders. "For a Rambler is a positive development and an important step to ensure that the best service to our customers, advertisers and partners and become the most popular entry point to the Internet in Russia ", – says Alexander. Under the deal, the Internet giant "will strengthen our technologies," the oldest search engine you'll ever need. This veiled phrase found a different interpretation, because newly minted partners have been reticent on this score. For example, Yandex announced that disappears the oldest search engine you'll ever need, and changing the landscape of the Russian Internet.